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Allow us to introduce the Rose family - pictured here on holiday on the Hebridean Island of Berneray,

one of our very favourite places.


Peter: We moved to Upper Inverroy from Pleasington, Lancashire in 2005. My eldest sister Margaret had taught in the Roy Bridge village primary school for many years and I had been a regular visitor since the mid 1970’s, falling in love with the lochs, mountains and glens and finding the Highlands a truly inspirational place in which to write my music. In 1992, I married Hazel (a clarinet and piano teacher) and we chose the beautiful Isle of Skye for our honeymoon, breaking the journey in the Lake District and in Roy Bridge. From that moment on, we harboured the dream of one day moving to the Highlands!

Peter, Francesca, Helena and Hazel on Berneray


Thirteen years later, in pursuit of that dream, we decided we were ready to take the plunge! Both our daughters (aged 7 and 4) would be able to enjoy being taught by their Aunty Margaret and spoilt by their Aunty Mary who had also moved north - and they would be young enough to settle in well before they reached secondary school age. So on the morning of Good Friday in 2005, we constructed a home made For Sale sign in the front garden - and by that evening, we had sold the house! The following week, having given notice of resignation from our teaching posts, we started making plans for the big move.


In July, we finally arrived at Tall Pine Croft. The house was just two years old and the land around it was more like a building site than a garden. But we had fallen in love with it on a previous visit and not least with the truly spectacular views to the Grey Corrie mountains. And importantly, it had plenty of room for our grand piano! Admittedly, nearly an acre of garden surrounding the house would be a challenge but Hazel’s green fingers and my strong physique (!) would soon sort it out.

It is now 2023, and we are still so much in love with the house, the area and the Highlands. Our daughters are grown up: Francesca studying Costume Construction and Helena a freelance violinist. For sixteen years, I was director of Lochaber Music School, but now focus on composing, teaching piano and playing the organ at St. Margaret’s RC Church in the village. Hazel too has been teaching - piano, clarinet and saxophone - and caring for our hens, vegetables, garden and not least our well-being! Her cooking and baking skills are legendary with our families and close friends - and may well be available to Rosie’s visitors on advance request!


With our musical background, it’s no coincidence that Rosie the Hut has lots of musical nuances in it - thanks to Ben Moor, the talented and creative owner of the Original Highland Hut Company who has so sensitively brought our commission to life.


For musicians who may like to visit us, our good sized music studio in the garden, equipped with an electric piano, can also be made available for rehearsal purposes. Why not practise in the morning, walk in the afternoon ... and eat and drink in the evening?


We have really enjoyed our first two years of welcoming visitors to Rosie and we have been delighted with the wonderful feedback that has been so generously given. Please do get in touch via our Contact page if you’d like any further information whatsoever.

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